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Australian Gun Culture Part 17: SSAA Shot Show in Brisbane, Queensland

The Australian Shot show differs in a number of ways from its American cousins. As you might expect, it is smaller.  Australia only has 7 percent of the number of people that America does, for a continent the same size as the lower 48 states. In the United States, the Shot Show is for industry people, at least people that can show a relationship to the industry. Before I started writing full time, I attended the show as a firearms trainer and Federal Firearms License holder. The SSAA Shot Show is not small. The SSAA is similar to the American NRA, without the Second Amendment.  Last year, the SSAA Shot Show had over 12,000 attendees. For comparison, the American Shot Show had about 65,000 attendees in Las Vegas, and the NRA Annual Meeting had a bit over 81,000 members show up in Atlanta in 2017. The SSAA Shot Show is a bit closer in flavor to the American Shot Show. As a percentage of the population, the SSAA show has a higher percentage of attendees than either the American Shot Show or the NRA Annual Meeting.

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